Terms & Conditions For Purchasing Alcoholic Beverage

Terms & Conditions

for Purchasing Alcoholic Beverage

1. The date and time of selling alcoholic beverage.

In order to meet the requirements of the law, the company reserves the right not to sell alcoholic beverages on the following specific dates and time:

  • 1.1. all times save for 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-24.00.
  • 1.2. Makha Bucha day, Visakha Bucha, Asarnha Bucha day, Buddhist Lent day (or any other day that the seller is prohibited from selling alcoholic beverage).
  • 1.3. during 18.00 on the day before Election Day until end of the election in election area to have been announced in conjunction with the relevant law where Company’s store(s) and/or place of delivery is located.

Therefore, if you choose the delivery date or time at which the law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverage as defined above and the alcoholic beverage is included in your order, the company reserves the right to delivery only non-alcohol products to you. The delivery staff will let you know whether the alcoholic beverage has been excluded from your order on the day of delivery.
If your order contains alcoholic beverages of 10 litres or greater on the day and time that is not prohibited by law, but you wish to receive alcoholic beverages less than 10 litres, the company reserves the right to cancel and refuse delivery to you.
If your entire order contains alcoholic beverages only and the delivery time you have chosen is the prohibited time as noted above, the company will need to cancel your order. The company’s customer service department will notify you prior to such cancelation.
The company shall not be liable for any damages you may have been caused by the order cancelation for delivery of alcoholic beverage that has been done pursuant to requirements under the relevant law.

2. Place of delivery of alcoholic beverage.

The Company reserves the right not to deliver and cancel any order that contains alcoholic beverage to a place prohibited by law. This includes the following:

  • 2.1. Temple or place for performing religious rituals.
  • 2.2. The state health facilities, Hospitals, Pharmacy and Infirmary.
  • 2.3. A government facility, except the area set aside as a store, shop or club.
  • 2.4. Dormitories under the Dormitory law.
  • 2.5. Schools/Education institution under the National Education law.
  • 2.6. Fuel stations under the Law on Fuel Oil Control or shops in the area of the fuel stations.
  • 2.7. Park where the government arranged for relaxation of people in general.
  • 2.8. Area in a plant or factory under the Law of Factory.
  • 2.9. The place or area of state enterprises and government agencies.
  • 2.10. Any other place where might be prescribed under the relevant laws.

3. Qualifications of customers or receiver of alcoholic beverage.

In order to purchase or receive alcoholic beverage, as purchaser and/or recipient (in the case has been assigned to receive a delivery) must be at least 20 years old and not be in a state of intoxication.
However, the delivery staff may request you or recipient who is assigned to receive a delivery to check for identification, driver’s license or passport (in the case of foreigners) before deliver to you.
The company reserve the right to refuse delivery if your qualification or qualification of recipient who is assigned to receive a delivery is not in accordance with the law.

4. Promotion.

Alcoholic beverage is not joining in any kind of promotion whether it is explicitly stated or not and the price of alcoholic beverage will not be concluded in the promotion for the privilege (such as free of delivery charge), prizes giveaway, lucky draw or discounts, including receiving Clubcard points.

5. Substituted product.

In case that alcoholic beverage that you order is not available, we will not offer any substitution (or other type of alcoholic beverage) and delivery to you.