Becoming Phraya

Becoming Phraya

One of many ancient philosophies originated in the Orient is that any physical matter in the universe are the merging of elements commonly known as earth, water, fire, and air. A combination of these elements in various proportions provides visible and sensory distinction of objects and lives.

The invention of Phraya takes inspiration from such belief, with an aim to produce a blend of superior taste and experiential sensations for the world. Each element has its vital role in creating a unique appearance and characters of Phraya, as follows:

The soil in central Thailand is known to be rich and fertile. It is said that crops and fruits grown in this region give out the most luscious of flavour. Sugarcane specifically cultivated for Phraya is grown on a location that has been carefully selected for its fertility. Its sweet, full of flavour form the heart of this remarkable rum.
Water has played an integral part in Thai people’s lives throughout the ages, from early settlement on the river banks to its vital role in Thai agriculture. Phraya is distilled from the purified soft natural water of the Ta Chin River, lending it a delicate mellow balance.
Fire is utilized to char the oak barrels used to age the liquid. Its flaming property invigorates the wood of these hand-crafted barrels to improve the flavour of Phraya, imparting it with sweet and spicy nuances.
The chosen rum spend years resting in oak barrels over lagoons. The spirits is given time to allow it to breathe slowly and in peace before emerging as Phraya. This maturation technique allows Phraya to develop its inimitable spiced yet smooth traits.
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Deep Maturation

The technique used in the making of Phraya has been specifically developed to suit the humid climes of Thailand. This deep maturation technique involves spirits being aged in oak barrels. The warehouse used to store these barrels has been built to sit over river-mouth lagoons. The coolness of the lagoon’s environ effectively slows down the aging process, allowing the rum to nurture and develop its distinctive depth. Upon its coming of age after a number of years, only barrels containing the very finest rum are selected for blending by the skillful master distiller. And so, Phraya, a rum of unsurpassed quality is created.